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Harmony Rose Seaburg

I promise this isn’t the opening monologue to Premium Rush…

Favorite place to ride in NYC?

Anywhere, riding in NYC is the best! It’s a constant puzzle. You have to be aware of everything at once, predict everyone else’s moves around you. Choose when it’s safer to be aggressive or defensive and those decisions have to be made in seconds, it brings a confidence out of me that I don’t usually get because I can’t second guess myself. I promise this isn’t the opening monologue to Premium Rush…

Favorite ice cream. Ever.


Tell us about your bikes

Newest babe in the fleet is my beautiful aluminum mint All-City Thunderdome, very blessed that this is my first fixed/race bike. Light as hell, smooth as butter. The most recent addition to her are Nitto B123 Kieren style drops, v beautiful, v aggressive.

My pride and joy is my Old Field Cycles steel frame, made by my friend Justin Pogge who is an independent fabricator located in Tallahassee, Fl. I won a custom bike build as the first place prize in an alley cat race Talloween and Justin built me an extremely versatile frame that I currently run as a single speed but has the capability to have gears added or even be turned into a touring bike if I so choose. Also, She’s dark purple and sparkly 🙂

I have a Specialized Roll 8 Rare with a belt drive, she’s a really fun city bike, great for crap weather because of the internal 8-speed hub. I call her my beater bike, which she’s far from but what I mean is I can lock up in NYC and my heart won’t break if a scumbag steals her.

What do you do to pay the bills? Do you have a side hustle?

Over a decade in the service industry. Currently, I’m bartending at a dope bar in Bushwick called Marcos and at the best pizza place you’ll ever eat/drink at Archie’s Pizza. My side hustle is hand embroidering.

What are you most excited about for this season?

Hitting the ground running, after Spin Peaks’ first year I think we have a much better grasp on the technicalities of running a team and now we can focus on our training, personal growth and being able to better support each other. I’m really excited about traveling this season, Trexler town specifically but beyond that as well. Kissenia is a great home track and we are so lucky to have it but I’m ready to see how racing on different tracks feels and the new challenges those tracks will provide. I’m also really excited to compete in more Crits this season! And more than anything becoming a stronger cyclist because of all of this.

When and where did you first learn to ride a bike?

My older brother Cody taught me to ride a bike when I was 4, running alongside me like the champ that he is. I started riding to school with my sister Kirra when I was in 1st grade. That’s pretty much how I got to school until I got my license at 16. I always thought that biking was the coolest thing you could do, it gives you an independence and freedom that I still look to it for today.