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Dana Soady

She will probably bake you a pie.

Best bike ride of your life?

Biking among the ruins of Ayutthaya in Thailand. I’ve wanted to go there since I was a child so actually being there while pedaling this great little beach cruiser was a magical culmination of things for me. At one point I got caught in the pouring rain and was taken in by the monks of a temple who blessed me with sai sin and sent me on my way when the rain cleared.

Tell us about your bikes.

Swobo Sanchez. This is a crazy one that I never ride because the geometry is a little wonky. She was my first fixed and for some reason

I was really attached to riding 700 wheels at the time but to accommodate those on a 46 frame they cheat the top tube down and it has a weird mountain bike feel. She’s made of recycled shopping carts and has little shopping cart logos all over. I loved her when I got her in South Carolina but I rarely ride her up her.

Fuji Track. This is the first bike that really fit. She’s a 43 with 650 wheels and when I lost her getting hit by a cab last March, I magically found the exact same frame fully built on EBay and bought my fallen bike’s twin.

Masi Coltello. After I was hit by a cab, I was a little wrecked (physically/emotionally/financially) and since I rebought the Fuji again, I wasn’t in a place to buy a racing specific bike at the time. Cue Spin Peaks, who brought out the shiniest red beauty of a bike at our fundraiser as a surprise. This bike is a beauty and there are a lot of photos of me ugly crying as my supportive and wonderful team handed me this bike. The Masi is a real symbol to me of the crew in my life and I’m so excited to race her.

What do you do to pay the bills? Do you have side hustle?

I work in film as an Art Department Coordinator. This could mean tv, commercials, or movies. Side hustles would be illustration and embroidery commissions as well as working in film outside of my defined role. I love the film industry so while I officially work in one capacity within the union, I am perpetually looking for passion projects to further my own artistic goals.

Favorite ice cream. Ever.

Changes like the seasons or the winds but I am very partial to Van leewen’s vegan mint chip or matcha. Or Taro!

What are you most excited about for this season?

I’m most excited to ACTUALLY RACE and to be a better teammate for my team. I was benched last season with injuries and didn’t actually get to hit the field for our first season. This year I’m psyched to actually hit the track and to be more present with my crew.